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Huizhou Longmenhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., as a rising star of new energy vehicles in South China.In 2014,a number of outstanding electric vehicle experts and more than 20 automotive R & D staffs to enter the new energy automotive industry. Focusing on the research and development of TEIMA (iron horse) brand low-speed electric vehicle, to be the electronic car manufacturers that one package service for development,production,sale,logistic.      

In 2016, our company had invested 2 billion in Huizhou,Guangdong province,Longmen county,and had built more than 50 million square meters low-speed electric vehicle production base. Planning up to 16 electric vehicle automation production lines for the future , the average daily production capacity of 1,500, the annual output of more than 50 million, the number of workers will exceed 10,000 people.

Huizhou Longmenhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd has been to "make people happy in low-speed electric car"for the mission,with "wonderful due to practical"as the slogan.Manufacturing China's safe, practical and affordable low-speed electric vehicles, in order to let each household can open an electric car in China, no longer worry about the car too expensive to buy, exposed to the sun and rain; Sons and daughters do not have to worry about their parents riding two rounds of electric vehicles get hurt and so on! Make cars for people, serve the people!

Let the people be proud of using TEIMA brand low-speed electric car !

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